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Eklepakha Majuwa community forest having area 34.49 ha is situated in the ward no.3 of Dhorfirdi VDC of Tanahu district. Altitude in this community forest ranges from 485m (Suraudi Pari) to 722m (Ghumne Chautaro). Most part of this forest lies in hilly area (94%). The dominant species in this forest are natural forest of Chilaune, Katus and Sal. In some plane area there is also plantation forest of Sissoo.

Reconnaisance survey was carried out before detailed data collection. Information about the past condition of forest and social condition were obtained from the Constitution, Operational Plan and the Minuting of the forest user groups. Present conditions about the forest were collected from forest inventory. Social inventory was done by small group discussions, observations, key informants survey, interviews etc. For the collection of data about the governance situation of the community forest, observance of community forest user groups meeting was done. Other required secondary data were obtained from DFO (Tanahun), range post (Belchautara),VDC office (Dhorfirdi), etc. Some other required secondary information were also collected through the internet about the community forestry condition in whole Nepal and in Tanahu district.

Condition about the forest was assessed and the several findings were obtained from the research as for example block division according to OP, forest resources situation according to OP and current resource situation.

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