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Kathmandu Forestry College (KAFCOL) established in 2005 is the only forestry college in Nepal in private sector. The college has been established from the direct support of the Nepal Agroforestry Foundation (a National NGO working in promotion of Agroforestry/community forestry in Nepal since 1991) and group of academic and research professionals.

The college is affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU). It offers four years Bachelor degree in Forestry. The first intake is started in 2005. KAFCOL is committed to providing quality education of international standard, which can make students able to compete globally in the field of forestry.

The college is situated at Amarawati Marg, Koteshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Building of the college is just 100 meters west from Manohara Bridge inside the Ring road on the way of Kotehwore to Gwarko Lalitpur. The college has its own four-storey building registered in the name of the Nepal Agroforestry Foundation (NAF).

The annual enrolment would not exceed more than 40 in this program. Enrolment of students from Science and Forestry background would be almost equal representative (50%) in each group.  However, there is flexibility of enrolling students in either of the groups depending upon the application of students. The course is open for both Nepalese and foreign students.




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