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गरीवि न्यूनीकरण नेपालको लागि एउटा महत्वपूर्ण कोसेढुंगाको रुपमा भएको छ । जस्को लागि नेपाल सरकारले आफ्नो तथा दातृ निकायको अनुदान तथा ऋण सहयोग विभिन्न आयोजना, परियोजना, योजना, कार्यक्रम आदि मार्फत लगानी भई रहेको छ । यी कार्यक्रम सरकारको आफ्नै संयन्त्र तथा गै.स.स.

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World leaders, scientists and journalists are currently in Paris days for the Conference of the Parties to discuss global warming and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions particularly, carbon dioxide emissions. Although Nepal’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is insignificant, less than one percent, Nepali delegates are also participating in the conference.

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CAC referred community based Small infrastructure project (SIP) was initiated in  year 2071-72 as continuation of Strengthening Public Management Project (SPMP) in year 2070-71, aiming poverty reduction of DAG through CAC of VDC and municipality wards.  A total of 632 CACs (VDC 428 and Municipal 204) have received the SIP grant out of 866 CAC formed in VDC and Municipality. Still, 235 CAC remained to receive. There are 59 % women and 41% men participation likewise 53.39% dalit, 23.76 janjati and 22.85others caste participation of 44, 846 members of 16,627 HHs.


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