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Friday, November 7, 2008 - 21:30 to Tuesday, November 11, 2008 - 05:30



1. Background 

The role of the forest communities for sustainable management of natural resource including forest is highly recognized by the multilateral environmental agreements, Agenda 21, WSSD Plan of Implementation of MDG. It has also created opportunities for major group (especially indigenous and local communities, farmers and forest workers) to organize at local, national, regional and global level. National level networking process of community forest groups has been started in various counties from 1990s and now formal or informal types of networks of forest communities are actively working in many countries of the world for advocacy of community forestry rights and capacity building of their members.

The initiation to establish a global network of community forestry had started from various meetings of global caucus on community forestry especially in Bali-Indonesia, 2001 and Johannesburg - South Africa, 2002. Finally, in an international conference on International Encounter of Communities on the access, use and management of natural resources (jointly organized by ACICAFOC and FECOFUN in Guatemala, 2004) , the Global Alliance of Community Forestry (GACF) has established as a loose network of  community forestry users groups and community based organizations which are engaging with community forestry. To pursue the mandate of Guatemala Encounter, the second International Encounter of GACF was held in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2006. 

The second International Encounter of GACF (2006) has developed institutional framework, vision, mission, principle, values and structures of GACF. The 2nd International Encounter has also decided to establish and strength the regional networks of GACF in all six continents (Asia, South Africa, Oceania, North America, Africa and Europe). 

Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal (FECOFUN) as a focal point of GACF in Nepal is initiating to form regional network of GACF in Asia region. The FECOFUN is going to organize the International Workshop on Strengthening the Federations and Network of community Forestry in Asia in conjunction with 5Th National Community Forestry Workshop in Nepal with the support of Rights and Resource Initiatives (RRI). In this context, the following events are going to organize in Nepal: 

1. National Council meeting of Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal (FECOFUN), 6-7 November, 2008, Kathmandu, Nepal 

National Council meeting is a regular program of FECOFUN which generally organizes in every one and half year. Around 200 representatives from 74 districts FECOFUN will participate in this meeting. This council meeting will prepare feedbacks/inputs/suggestions for 5th National Workshop of Community Forestry on the basis of local knowledge and experience of community forestry. Therefore, this council meeting is also very important for the advocacy of community rights over forest resource in the state restructuring and constitution making process of Nepal. (For more information:

2. International Workshop on Strengthening Network/Federation of Community Forestry in Asia, 8 November, 2008, Kathmandu, Nepal (for more detail about this event please see below)  

3. 5th National Workshop of Community Forestry, 9-11 November, 2008, Kathmandu, Nepal (This workshop will organize by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation with the involvement of forestry stakeholders including FECOFUN) (For more information:

2. Objectives 

The objectives of the International Workshop on Strengthening the Network/Federation of Community Forestry in Asia are as follows: 

  1. To exchange the process, experience and learning of community forestry in countries of the Asia among the workshop participants, 
  2. To share the process, experience and learning of community forestry and FECOFUN in Nepal among the workshop participants,  
  3. Develop the strategies to strengthen the federation/association and networks of community forestry in Asia Countries 
  4. To observe the FECOFUN council meeting and 5th National Community Forestry Workshop by international participants.

3. Outcomes 

There will be following outcomes of this international workshop: 

  1. Enhancement of learning and knowledge of workshop participants about the community forestry of Asian countries 
  2. Development of strategies and coordinating mechanism of GACF-Asia (regional level networks of community forestry in Asia) and identification of potential regional activities 
  3. Recommendations on important issues for the respective countries 

4. Methodology 

The workshop will be conduct using interactive methods, with short presentation and discussion in plenary session. The country presentation, question/answer, discussion will be throughout the workshop. For this purpose, the approach an experiential cycle (experience sharing, reflection, generalization (tentative consensus) and action) may be follow. Therefore, the workshop organizer expects that all participants will prepare a concise material (Posters, Photo, Demonstrations, Power point, paper etc) for the presentation in workshop. The workshop will be in English. The FECOFUN Council meeting and National workshop will be in Nepali and will arrange English translation also. 

5. Participants 

The workshop is intended for the representative of national or sub-national level federation/ association or networks of community-based forest management system of Asia countries. In addition, other stakeholders, such as community forestry practitioners, representatives of government, universities, I/NGOs, projects, researchers and academician who are involving in the community forestry process may apply for the participation in this workshop. The organizer will provide travel grand and other support for only the selected community representative participations. 

6. Abstract 

The main theme of this workshop is strengthening the federation and networks of community forestry to advanced the community forestry in Asia. Interested participants are invited to submit their paper abstracts (or brief of the presentation, poster, and photo) on this theme to the organizer. The abstract or brief note should indicate the main massages, experience/learning, findings, conclusions and recommendations of the proposed paper or presentation. The abstract brief note including title and text should be no longer than 500 words in Times New Roman, Font Size 12.  

7. Funding 

Funding for limited participants is available. The representatives of federation/association or networks of community-based forestry management system of Asia countries can apply for a full or partial funding. The recommendation letter from such institution is also necessary to apply for funding. Other Participants are expected to pay their travel and other expenses by themselves. 

8. Application 

All interested participants are invited to submit application form (Annex-1) for funding and participation in the workshop to the organizer before the deadline. Applications arriving after the deadline will not be considered. Final selection of the participants will be done by the organizer.

9. Deadlines

  1. Submission of application form for funding and participation: Before October 15
  2. Submission of paper abstracts (or brief of the presentation): Before October 15 
  3. Confirmation of funding: October 22 
  4. Submission of full and final version of paper/presentation materials: October 31 

10. Submission

All interested participants are requested to submit application form and all relevant documents to the organizer, Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal (FECOFUN)

Email: and cc to and    

11. Official arrangement

  1. Invitation letter, registration form and schedule of the program will send after finalization of the participant selection process. 
  2. Visa Process: The visa obtaining process will also inform after finalization of the participants selection process.

12. Date: (Please see the date of all events in introduction chapter) 

13. Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal (the name of the workshop venue and hotel name will be inform latter)  

14. Contact 

Ghan Shyam Pandey Chairperson
Focal Person of GACF
National Secretariat, Kathmandu, Nepal
Dil Raj Khanal
Policy Trainer
National Secretariat, Kathmandu, Nepal




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