TitleDaphne (lokta), bark biomass production management implications for paper making in Nepal
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsJeanrenaud, JP, Thompson, I
JournalCommonwealth Forestry Review

Bast of <em>Daphne bholua </em>and <em>D. papyracea </em>is the raw material for Nepalese hand-made paper. Biomass was determined for trees from 6 areas of Nepal. Regression analysis showed that diam. at 30 cm above ground (D30) was a satisfactory predictor of bark wt. A model using ht. as the predictor variable was unsatisfactory. Usable bark was regressed against age estimated from discs taken at D30. Predicted yields were 10 g at 5 yr old and 450 g at 20 yr old, indicating that <em>Daphne </em>should be managed under long rotations. Recommendations are made for managing the <em>Daphne </em>resource in Nepal to safeguard the long-term future of papermaking in the hills. A bark biomass table for D30 of 1.0-10.9 cm is included.



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