Publication Type:

Journal Article


Banko Janakari, Volume 1, Number 1, p.13-20 (1987)


Alnus nepalensis, Pinus roxburghii, Pinus wallichiana, Prunus cerasoides, seed storage, seeds


<p>Sun-dried seeds (5-10% m.c.) of Prunus cerasoides, Alnus nepalensis, Pinus roxburghii and P. wallichiana, collected in 1985, were kept (a) in sealed glass jars at 4-5&deg;C, (b) in thick polythene bags (kept dry) or (c) cloth bags, both in ventilated metal trunks (to prevent rodent damage) at the Chalnakhel nursery, Nepal. Samples were taken every 3 months for 15 months and germination and m.c. recorded. For all species, the best results were given by (a) followed by (b).</p>



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