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Natural Resource Conservation and Sustainable Development in Nepal


H.D. Lekhak
Binod Lekhak





Sustainable development at local, regional and global scale perhaps is the most difficult task that humanity has ever faced. Central to all of the many approaches aimed at both identifying unsustainable practices and achieving sustainability, are access to scientific knowledge and its application. The great sustainability problems of the 21st century e.g., poverty alleviation, sustainable food production, clean and accessible water resources, the health of ecosystem and maintenance of biodiversity all require usable scientific knowledge as one critical component for their solution. Thus, whatever cultural, geographical, economic or environmental setting, a partnership between natural sciences and social sciences is a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable development. Hence, the science for sustainability approach must be undertaken globally. Importance of scientific education for the understanding of sustainability issues means the effective communication about the basic principles related to the operational mechanism of different components of the environment as well as the information concerned with recent scientific research in the related fields. Of late, Tribhuvan University and other Universities/educational institutions in Nepal have incorporated environmental issues and sustainable development in their curricula of various disciplines at the Bachelor and Master levels. Unfortunately, there is no any single book available dealing with the natural resources, their conservation practices and sustainable development in Nepal. Present book Natural Resource Conservation and Sustainable Development in Nepal is a humble effort of the authors to fulfill this lacunae.



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