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Global Perspectives on Sustainable Forest Management


Clement A. Okia







This book is dedicated to global perspectives on sustainable forest management. It focuses on a need to move away from purely protective management of forests to innovative approaches for multiple use and management of forest resources. The book is divided into two sections; the first section, with thirteen chapters deals with the forest management aspects while the second section, with five chapters is dedicated to forest utilization. This book will fill the existing gaps in the knowledge about emerging perspectives on sustainable forest management. It will be an interesting and helpful resource to managers, specialists and students in the field of forestry and natural resources management.


  1. Deforestation: Causes, Effects and Control Strategies by Sumit Chakravarty, S. K. Ghosh, C. P. Suresh, A. N. Dey and Gopal Shukla
  2. Depletion of Oak (Quercus spp.) Forests in the Western Himalaya: Grazing, Fuelwood and Fodder Collection by Gajendra Singh and G. S. Rawat
  3. Nepal's Community Forestry: Need of Better Governance by Ridish K. Pokharel, Santosh Rayamajhi and Krishna R. Tiwari
  4. The Influence of Decisional Autonomy on Performance and Strategic Choices - The Case of Subcontracting SMEs in Logging Operations by Etienne St-Jean and Luc LeBel
  5. Member, Owner, Customer, Supplier? - The Question of Perspective on Membership and Ownership in a Private Forest Owner Cooperative by Gun Lidestav and Ann-Mari Arvidsson
  6. Economic Feasibility of an Eucalyptus Agroforestry System in Brazil by Álvaro Nogueira de Souza, Humberto Ângelo, Maísa Santos Joaquim, Sandro Nogueira de Souza and John Edward Belknap
  7. Effects of a Unilateral Tariff Liberalisation on Forestry Products and Trade in Australia: An Economic Analysis Using the GTAP Model by Luz Centeno Stenberg and Mahinda Siriwardana
  8. Strategic Cost Management Practices Adopted by Segments of Brazilian Agribusiness by Marcos Antonio Souza and Kátia Arpino Rasia
  9. Forestry and Life Cycle Assessment by Andreja Bosner, Tomislav Poršinsky and Igor Stankic
  10. Wildlife Forestry by Daniel J. Twedt
  11. Fire Ignition Trends in Durango, México by Marín Pompa-García and Eusebio Montiel-Antuna
  12. Remote Sensing of Forestry Studies by Kai Wang, Wei-Ning Xiang, Xulin Guo and Jianjun Liu
  13. GIS for Operative Support by Gunnar Bygdén
  14. Adding Value Prior to Pulping: Bioproducts from Hemicellulose by Lew Christopher
  15. Incorporating Carbon Credits into Breeding Objectives for Plantation Species in Australia by Miloš Ivkovic, Keryn Paul and Tony McRae
  16. Irreversibility and Uncertainty in Multifunctional Forest Management Allocation by Jens Abildtrup, Jacques Laye, Maximilien Laye and Anne Stenger
  17. Ecoefficient Timber Forwarding on Lowland Soft Soils by Tomislav Poršinsky, Tibor Pentek, Andreja Bosner and Igor Stankic
  18. Comparison of Timber Consumption in U.S. and China by Lanhui Wang and Huiwen Wang
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