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Climate Change Impact on Livelihood and Natural Resources of Upper Mustang


National Trust for Nature Conservation




National Trust for Nature Conservation

It is worldwide consensus that warming of the globe is responsible for climate to change unprecedentedly which can have a number of direct and indirect threats to mountain environment and livelihood of the mountain dwellers. The study entitle Climate Change Impact on Livelihood and Natural Resources was carried out in the Lomanthang UCO, ACAP aiming to access climate change impact on agriculture, livestock, rangeland, water resource and housing.

Climatic data were collection of local station, Jomsom and Lete analyzed and interrelated. For the collection of social data direct observation, key informant discussion, questionnaire etc. were followed an addition to these expert discussion with climate change specialist has also been carried out. Finally, social perception is linked with finding from the meteorological station to verify social perception technically.

Annual average temperature is increasing at the rate of 0.032 showing increasing temperature trends where as in contrary to temperature trend total yearly precipitation trend is decreasing at the rate of 1.81. There is also temporal shift in precipitation amount from Sep-Nov to Feb-Mar indicating shift in snowfall as well as decreasing its amount.

Questionnaire survey revealed that 65% of respondents believed that said temperature is increasing hotter than before. Majority of respondent said that water resource is decreasing. Almost 82% of the total respondents have said that the amount of snowfall had drastically decreased in last 20 years. These finding were in line with technical finding. Resulted consequences are increased diarrhea disease frequency, scarcity of water resource, increased dryness in rangelands, leaching problem in mud roofed house etc. However, to endorse the present findings, statistically meaningful data to more detailed micro scale is required to take future adaptation and management strategy to combat climate change effect.

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