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“NTFPs Marketing System in the Far-West Hills of Nepal" with reference to NTFPs marketing system of Baitadi district in Value Chain Perspective




Hari Prasad Awasthi




Pokhara University, Nepal


Dr. Binod Bhatta

Far-west hill of Nepal is the habitat of high value NTFPs. People inhabiting in these hills have traditionally been collecting different NTFPs from different types of forests regimes.There are several challenges and constraints in the marketing of collected NTFPs. There is no system for public collection and dissemination of NTFPs market prices in this region. It is difficult to identify different beneficiaries in the trade of these NTFPs and the reasons for such benefits without empirical analysis. The author rigorously analyzed the path through which NTFPs pass from cultivation, harvesting, and conservation to the final processor. More than 27% HHs are involved in the collection and marketing of NTFPs to generate nearly 35% of their annual income. The export statistics showed that the region stand second in the national export data. The present market chain does not provide equitable share of profits to the collectors which is imperfect and still depends on a limited numbers of middlemen. The value chain analysis of high value NTFPs is useful for both researchers and planners to promote this sector as sustainable source of income and employment generation for the rural people.


Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), NTFPs Collectors, Rural Livelihood, Value Addition, NTFPs Markets, NTFPs Market Information, Value Chain Analysis, Community Forestry, Forest Policy, Far-West Hills of Nepal
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