Why Employees are Ditching Employee Drug Testing in 2022

Why Employees are Ditching Employee Drug Testing in 2022

Since the introduction of drug tests, they have been a prevalent part of the job-seeking process. According to the law, companies have the right to drug test any job applicant, as well as to be able to hold random drug tests for existing employees.

Drug testing has just always been a part of work and for that reason, people avoid taking drugs, as to not lose the opportunity to work in the sector of their dreams. For numerous reasons, people now believe that the threat of drug testing is outdated.

More and more companies are abandoning the process of drug testing, but why exactly are they choosing to do this?

The Legalisation of Certain Drugs

Throughout America, the laws concerning drugs are now changing. There is no longer a war on drugs and instead of being seen as a negative thing, drugs are now being used as medical tools. Every year, a brand new state legalizes THC. However, when you take a drug test and THC appears on the results, you are at risk of being fired. This simply does not make sense, as to why should people lose their jobs over something that is legal in their state?

A lot of people argue that even though the drug is legal, people should not be under the influence when they are at work. However, having a drug in your system does not mean that you are under the influence of that drug.

For example, marijuana can stay in your system up to a week after taking it. By then you are definitely not under the influence of the drug anymore, so you are perfectly capable to do your job just fine.

If you are someone that currently works for a company that still carries out drug tests on their employees, you may have completely abandoned drug consumption completely. You will also be aware of just how strict these drug tests can be and even if you are not someone that is involved in recreational drug use, you could still lose your job for using something like CBD.

CBD has no psychoactive effects, but when you take a drug test, it is registered like any drug. CBD is commonly used to relieve stress or even treat pain and it is a natural alternative to other pain medications that can leave you feeling drowsy. If you can not escape the drug tests, you do not have to completely abandon CBD altogether. You instead just need to learn how long it stays in your system for and this article discusses how long cbd stays in your system, so you can educate yourself and be prepared for your next drug test.

Drug Use Does Not Impact the Work

One of the main reasons that so many companies are deciding to ditch drug testing is because it doesn’t affect the work that they are doing. If someone was to drink on the weekend before they are due to work, being drunk on Saturday would not impact their ability to work on Monday.

This is the same case with drugs, as what people choose to do in their personal time, has absolutely no impact on the work that they do during the week. This would not be the case if someone came into work under the influence of drugs, but this is something that you would be able to easily pick up. You can tell when someone is under the influence of drugs and discipline them if they are found to be breaking the company rules. However, what they do when they are not at the company is not something that the company should be able to police, as long as it does not influence their working ability.

There have been many instances of a company letting go of a hard worker, just because something appeared in their system. Not only does the person that was fired suffer, but the company also suffers as they lose someone that was good at the job, for a reason that isn’t even related to their work.

Life is Stressful Enough

The working life can be extremely stressful. In order to make enough money, most people work upwards of thirty hours every week. It can be very overwhelming and it can leave you feeling very stressed out.

For this reason, there is no wonder why so many people use CBD or THC to get through the week. These substances can be a lifeline for people that are dealing with overwhelming feelings of stress or anxiety and so it makes no sense at all to make it a rule that workers can lose their jobs, just for finding ways to work through their stress.

Employers want to support their employees and by not picking them up over something like that, they are also showing them a certain level of respect.

How The World is Fighting The Lockdown Weight Gain

Lockdown Weight Gain

Last year, you either got in the best shape of your life or the worst shape of your life. For some people, the many lockdowns that we were forced to endure were a great way to work out, but that was not the case for everyone.

Everyone that usually had very busy work schedules took the time off the kick back and relax, which meant that many of them gained a lot of weight. However, just because you gained weight during lockdown does not mean that you have to deal with it forever. Many people are now on a journey to lose the weight that they gained. Here is how the world is fighting the lockdown weight gain.

  • Health Supplements

For some time now, a great weight loss tool that a lot of people have been using for some time now is health supplements. Health supplements are fantastic for anyone that is trying to cut down on the amount of food that they are eating. Health supplements not only give you all of the valuable nutrients that you usually get from your food, but they also help to suppress your hunger. This is particularly helpful for those of you that find yourselves reaching for unhealthy snacks often. If you are wondering where you can get these supplements from, you will be glad to know that you can purchase prodotti per dimagrire velocemente in farmacia, but be sure to check with your doctor before you start using them, in case you have any health issues that may prevent you from being able to use them.

  • Getting Out of The House More

A terrible habit that a lot of people picked up during lockdown is spending too much time inside. During the start of lockdown, it was recommended that everyone stay at home, aside from when they needed to shop or seek medical attention.

Now that we are allowed to head out for non-emergencies, many of us are finding it hard to break away from the habit of staying indoors. Even doing something as simple as going for a walk around your neighbourhood will mean that you are burning the calories that you consume while you eat. Burning these calories is a good way to start your weight loss journey and will get you back into the swing of being active, without feeling as though you are intentionally working out.

  • Cut Out The Snacks

If you are someone that finds it difficult to fit exercise into your current routine, then cutting out the snacking will be a very effective way to lose some weight. People tend not to pay attention to the amount of sugar and fat that can be found in snacks. Snacks are also not very filling, so you will only need to eat again not long after you have already consumed a bunch of sugar. Fizzy drinks in particular are something that you should avoid, as these are just empty calories with no nutritional value.

Why Are So Many Millennials Choosing Not To Get Married?

Why Are So Many Millennials Choosing Not To Get Married?

From an incredibly young age, we are all taught about the expectations of marriage. Though marriage is nothing but a human construct, it has always felt as though it is something that we are all required to do at one point in our life.

It feels like a part of the plan. You are born, you get your education, you get a job and then you settle down with the love of your life in marital bliss. For some people, the idea of getting married is something that they dream about from a young age and many people do it several times in their lifetime.

There is no denying that marriage is absolutely beautiful. It is a chance for two people that are in love to declare their commitments to each other surrounded by all of their friends and loved ones. Due to just how magical the event is, it would be fair to assume that everybody wants to do it at one point in their life.

This, of course, is not the case and with every year that goes by, fewer and fewer people are getting married. One generation, in particular, is abandoning the expectation of marriage and the generation that I am referring to is the Millennials.

Millennials have earned a reputation for rejecting tradition. Millennials have a fresh take on all things social and political, so it is no wonder that their opinions towards marriage are not the same as the generations that have come before them.

Though I can understand why they would feel this way, I wanted a better understanding of why so many millennials are dead set on avoiding marriage altogether. Instead of stewing in my curiosity, I went straight to the source. Here are just some of the reasons why millennials are choosing not to get married.

Fear of Divorce

Something that you will always hear from someone that does not agree with marriage is that fifty percent of marriage ends in divorce. Though we would like to think that this number is an exaggeration, it is completely factual.

A lot of millennials argue that if their marriage is already doomed to fail, why should they go through with it? I can agree that this is a very good reason as to why you shouldn’t get married, but the statistics that they are basing their fears on are determined by a generation that is not them.

When we take into account the fifty percent divorce rate, this is based on the divorce rate of the people that married within an earlier generation. Marriage was different then and it was something that people often rushed into for religious reasons. However, with religion not being as prominent as it once was, the motives behind people getting married are no longer the same.

People now no longer feel as though they need to rush into a marriage in order to appease God and so the survival rates of relationships and marriages are much better than they once were. Though this is the case, we can understand why people would have this fear of their marriage failing and so it is understandable that they try to avoid it completely.

It is Expensive

There is absolutely no doubt that hosting a wedding day is very expensive. You can expect to blow a good few grand on one day and for some people, this simply is not feasible. I remember when I got married, I was lucky because I found a decently priced venue by using Weddilo. However, if you do not have the expendable income, then saving a bit of money on a venue really doesn’t matter.

Millennials lived through one of the biggest economic crises since the Great Depression and it is believed that many people have never truly recovered from the aftermath of this crisis. Millennials also have more student debt than any other generation, which only adds to the economic strain that they are under.

There is no wonder why so many of them simply are not in a position to be able to afford a big wedding day and instead of cutting corners completely, they would rather not have the day at all.

The Rise of Elopements: Why So Many Couples Are Getting Married Abroad in 2021

Why So Many Couples Are Getting Married Abroad in 2021

Eloping has been a popular way to get married with some privacy for many years however, in 2021 it seems that many people are ditching the traditional big family wedding and going for smaller and more meaningful events with close friends and family. Eloping is a great option for those of you that don’t enjoy large spectacle weddings, at the end of the day your wedding day is about you committing yourself to your loved one and you shouldn’t feel pressure to do something that you are not one hundred percent behind.

There are many reasons that should be considered if you are thinking about eloping, but I would argue that if you are looking for something that is a bit more low key then eloping could be the choice for you. With many options for eloping being available you should be able to put together your perfect wedding day. You will find that there are much more options for eloping than a traditional wedding as you are not limited by your location.

  • Price

One reason why many people choose to elope rather than having a large-scale wedding would be that even though you could be required to pay for plane tickets and accommodation, the reality is that the overall expenses are likely to be far less than what you would pay for something more traditional. Traditional weddings are expected to cost over ten thousand pounds as there are usually so many guests and entertainment to pay for. If you were to have your wedding with a smaller group the price of your day would be significantly cheaper, and you may find that you enjoy the more personal experience also.

  • Setting

A big difference between eloping and having a more traditional wedding is the fact that you have more options in terms of where you can actually hold your big day. If you’re having hundreds of guests then it is harder to organize and you may be forced to go somewhere that is more local. Eloping may place restrictions on how many guests you can have but it opens up a whole range of opportunities of where you can have your wedding, meaning that for those of you who dream of having your big day on a gorgeous beach abroad somewhere, this dream is more likely to become a reality.

If you are looking for a destination or setting for your wedding you must first decide on what kind of wedding you would prefer to have. When eloping you should be aware that there are a lot more options where you could hold your wedding as you have the opportunity for more outdoor locations as the weather is more reliable. Beaches and outdoor bars are very popular, so if you are interested in a more natural and rustic appeal within your wedding this could be the route to go down.

  • Honeymoon

Another big factor that could contribute towards someone choosing to elope over a traditional wedding could be that they want to add the honeymoon to the event, this is much more convenient and allows you to spend more time in a gorgeous part of the world of your choosing. Adding your honeymoon to the wedding also allows you to share the experience with your family somewhat before spending some private time with your partner.

Finding the perfect wedding and honeymoon destination can be difficult as there are a number of different facilities that you will need, including a wedding venue for both your ceremony and reception event. With proper research you may find package deals designed for weddings that will also help you to save some money when buying multiple flights for your guests. If you are looking for a quality honeymoon destination then why not try somewhere exotic like the Maldives or maybe a more traditional Spanish location, when choosing I would look for somewhere meaningful or somewhere that you haven’t been before to really make your day that bit more special.

  • Eloping in the Maldives

The Maldives in particular is a very popular destination for honeymoons and eloping, due to the privacy of the beach location and the truly breathtaking surroundings, the beach huts are also very popular for a luxurious honeymoon right on the sea. If you are interested in finding a Maldives honeymoon package to help you save some of your budget and allow for some extra treats either within your honeymoon or wedding, then make sure to properly research for the best price and deal, remembering that there may be some discount available for large scale wedding bookings.

  • Privacy

A huge factor that contributes to the massive increase in how many people are eloping rather than choosing to hold a large traditional family wedding would be the privacy aspect. It has dropped significantly in popularity for people to hold big weddings with people focusing on having the few important loved ones in their life present on the big day. Large scale weddings are still very common but it has become a lot more accepted for people to be more private on their big day. As mentioned previously you should focus on doing what you want to do as it is your own wedding, too many people take into account the feelings of others when planning their big days which is best avoided as you don’t want to taint the overall memory.

Is It Cheaper to Shop Online Than In Store?

Is It Cheaper to Shop Online Than In Store?

There is no denying that online shopping is starting to take over shopping in-store. These days, going shopping in person is reserved for a day out and takes a lot of effort. It doesn’t have the same convenience of being able to order an item from the comfort of your own home and so people do not tend to head out to the shops unless they want to make a day of it.

Though there is absolutely no denying that online shopping is far more convenient than in-store shopping, something that we have all been unable to agree on is whether or not you save more money when you shop online.

Many people claim that when you shop online, you compromise the deals that you may be able to find in store. However, others believe that you can actually save a lot of money by ditching the trolley and picking up your virtual cart. Here is our look into whether it is cheaper to shop online than it is to shop in-store.

You Are Sent Discounts

When you shop in person, it is very uncommon that you will get given discount codes, unless you are a member of some sort of in-store initiative. When it comes to discounts, you are usually limited to discount rails or sections of the store.

When you shop online, it feels as though the stores are eager to give you discounts. Something that a lot of online stores do is ask for your email details when you first enter the site. They then use this email to send you discounts throughout the year, with the hope that you will return to their online store to shop.

This is something that simply is not offered when you go in-store, which is why many people tend to think that online shopping is a lot better. The discounts that you are offered do not usually exceed the twenty-percent mark, but any difference at all will save you some much-needed cash.

It always feels as though when you do get these kinds of discounts to use in-store, there is always some sort of catch and limitations on the items that you can use the discount on, so you don’t feel like you are saving much money.


Coupons are used online and in store. Coupons have been used in store for some time now and you are probably familiar with the kind of people who make it their job to find these coupons and put them to use.

Stores purposefully make it quite difficult for you to be able to find and use coupons and there are usually clauses in place that stop you from going overboard with the coupon usage. This is because stores are very time-sensitive and if they were to allow for people to stock up on coupons, then the lines in the stores would be held up and other customers would not be happy with the service.

When you shop online, you do not have the same restraints as when you shop in person, as you working on your deals will not hold up an entire store. This means that online companies are more than happy for you to enjoy a few coupon deals, as long as you are buying things from their website.

There are also plenty of websites out there that are dedicated to giving you coupon codes for various sites, no matter where you are in the world. If you are in the UK, you can use a site like Wowcher to find sites and you can also find “Bücher Gutscheine” at this German coupon site if you are someone that needs discounts for German sites specifically, so there are essentially endless options for you.

A difference between couponing in person and couponing online is that you can never usually stack your coupons online. In-person there are usually loopholes that you can go through which will save you a lot of money. When you put in coupons online, you are putting them into a premade system, so there is no room to add your coupons up to make more savings.

Are Style Trends Impacting the Worth of Gold?

Are Style Trends Impacting the Worth of Gold

Style trends are really important in society and many people love fashion and follow these trends religiously. The current trends are always evolving and changing, most trends last a season at max before a fashion designer comes up with a new trend that people fall in love with and use as inspiration for their wardrobe. It is sometimes difficult to imagine previous fashion trends being worn in our current society, for example it would be unlikely to see people going out in hippy pants, jewelry with big peace signs on and bell-bottomed blue jeans like they did in the 70’s. There has been plenty of different styles over the years from baggy clothing from the grunge era to tartan skirts from the punk era. The reason that there has been so many fashion trends and that they’re always changing is because people change, with new influences in society comes new style trends. The biggest influence in style trends is popular culture, people and style trends are influenced by celebrities such as movie starts and musicians. One thing that people don’t realize is that style trends can actually impact the worth of gold.

  • How do style trends impact the worth of gold?

Like the value of anything, the value of gold is based on the demand for it and the available supply. One of the biggest industries that have a huge demand for gold is the fashion industry as gold jewelry has always been popular, throughout all of the changing style trends, gold jewelry has always been a staple piece. It has never gone out of style and wearing gold always makes an outfit look classy and expensive. As jewelry accounts for over half of the demand of gold, this means that the popularity of gold jewelry can increase the worth of gold. This also works the other way, recently the latest style trends are starting to contain more silver jewelry, in particular silver necklaces for women are replacing the long-time trend of gold necklaces. This is having a huge impact on the demand for gold which is leading to the worth of gold being reduced. However, it is unlikely that gold jewelry will ever go out of style, this means that the value of gold will stay pretty high as there will always be a lot of demand for it.

  • What else affects the worth of gold?

There are many other industries that are responsible for a significant amount of the demand for gold. Almost 10% of the demand comes from technology and industrial uses of gold, this is very broad but some of the things here that gold is used for includes manufacturing many medical instruments, for example to produce stents, an important medical tool, gold is required. Another huge demand for gold comes from investments. Even at its lowest points gold has always been seen as a safe investment for people to put their money into. Investing in gold is a great way to boost your investment portfolio and make your future profits feel much safer and more secure. More and more investors are starting to realize just how good an investment gold is, this is evident as in the last decade the amount invested into gold has increased by over 200%. These investments will help to make the worth of gold less volatile and play a huge part in the value of gold as if every investor were to sell, the worth of gold would drop rapidly, just like any other investment.

The Biggest Titles Announced at GamesCon 2021

The Biggest Titles Announced at GamesCon 2021

GamesCon 2021 has been long anticipated by gaming fans around the world for an update on what is to come in the world of video games, and I must admit that what is being worked on right now contains some very exciting content that will keep us entertained for a long time. There were many new announcements at the event so I will look at some of the most popular, but if you are wanting more information on the upcoming releases in the gaming world then I would highly recommend that you follow the relevant game producing accounts on social media as they are known for posting regular updates when exciting releases are coming out so you can stay informed.

GamesCon was a huge success after a year of uncertainty that placed many restrictions on what could be done both in holding events and producing games. This seriously hindered how many releases we have seen in the last few years and with the development of next-generation consoles we should have a huge amount of content to enjoy in the coming months.

Call of Duty Vanguard

One of the biggest FPS releases to come this year would have to be Call of Duty Vanguard, this release has been very highly anticipated for many years now so it will be very interesting to see further details on this game as they are released. What we do know is that the theme of the game is going to be set in the classic World War Two era meaning that all of the maps, add ons and weapons are going to fit the theme. Although this theme has been used before by other franchises, Activision is known for their high-quality graphics and the overall quality of their games in general so seeing a fresh take from a trusted company is something to be excited about.

Halo Infinite

Another popular game that is going to see a new release pretty soon is coming from the well-known science fiction franchise Halo, with the classic Halo games being so well known and enjoyed by many, we are expecting good things from this upcoming release. If you are not aware of the Halo games then the premise is pretty simple with the main story being set in futuristic worlds and distant planets, you play as a soldier in this era fighting against creepy aliens and other monsters making for an immersive and energetic gameplay experience.

Changes to GTA Five

Although Grand Theft Auto Five is not a new game to come onto the market there are a number of changes being made in order to accommodate the new consoles and the higher graphics and sound quality that is being implemented. These changes will take this classic and long-lasting game and develop it further to provide gamers with an experience that is more true to real life and even more immersive. Another change that is coming to the GTA franchise is the development of trusted mods to improve the changes you can make to your game, a legit website for PS4 GTA 5 modded accounts is something that has been missing for a long time so the fact that we are being given this freedom to alter our own games is a great thing.

Saints Row

Saints Row is another game that has been played for many years and over a few different consoles, with a new release on the way it is expected that the new Saints Row title will do very well as a classic within the industry. This GamesCon announcement was kept on the low side in terms of details but one thing which was revealed is that it will be an open world and much more personalized in terms of the gameplay experience.

Should I Travel To Nepal Alone?

Should I Travel To Nepal Alone?

International visitors who travel alone are generally safe in Nepal. In fact, Nepal, a country with exotic cultures and religions, is a safe destination for solo travelers. Table of contents…