The Democratic House managers have made a comprehensive argument with recent gruesome videos Wednesday to demonstrate that a vicious crowd has wisely incited former President Trump to attack the Capitol in order to bring an end to his election as President Joe Biden.

During the first of two days, the managers stepped up tweets, e-mails, pictures, audios, videos and discourses to prove that Trump was going to overturn the democratic process and, when he refused to allow his legal encounters, scheduled his deadly attack on January 6.

Jamie Raskin, the lead manager for the Democratic House, said Trump would not be an innocent bystander who was shocked by the tragedy and did absolutely nothing wrong, and his behaviour was proper, as his lawyers said on Tuesday.

“The evidence will demonstrate that he simply incited the insurrection. It will show Donald Trump abdicated his rank as commander and has become the chief inciter of a dangerous insurrection,” said Raskin.

“He told them to fight really hard,” Raskin said, “and they brought us to hell.”

The managers concentrated on Trump’s making plans and retaliation of the assault, saying That Trump decided to switch the schedule for a protest of his followers just a day or two after the 20 January inauguration to 6 January, the day when a joint session of Congress met to ensure the results of the election.

The managements are planning to explain the damage and effect of the attack by reopening their arguments on Thursday, while they are looking to influence enough Republicans in the Senate to vote to condemn Trump for insurrection.

Two days of claims for their refutational Friday will continue with Trump’s lawyers. Any excerpts from the hearings on Wednesday are here.

Capitol House managers were screening previously incredible footage of surveillance monitors and Capitol Capitol Police body cameras on all sides of the nave displaying interior images of the crowds crashing down into the building to catch the attention of both senators. Vice President Pence and his family were escorted into security in one recording. Another Senate chief Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and others immediately climbed up a ramp to take shelter and then suddenly turned around in the aftermath of riots.

In the first break-in through the glass, a quiet film of an inner view shows the Trump flag floating through the corridor. Another displays the vision of the officers stamped toward the Capitol from an officer’s body cameras. A panicked voice was included in the archives of a 911 call from the District of Columbia: “This is now essentially a riot.”

Encouraging Violence

The public prosecutors accused Trump of spreading the “big lie” over and over again that the only way he might fail is through the theft of a pick, and then to a brutal fight. And they accused Trump of helping to schedule and change the 6 January rally weeks in advance, to allow a march to the Capitol. They said that Trump finished his speech just before the Congress prepared to certify it. “Just like the president spent months promoting his big lies at the polls, he also spent several months nurturing communities of people who repeatedly participated in actual dangerous aggression and did not walk around and say no as violence exploded as a response to his demands to battle the stolen election.”

Fight Versus Peacefully

Mark Meadows, the last head of Trump’s team, complained that on 6 January Democrat cherry-picked Trump’s talk at the rally. “There’s one line from President Trump’s January 6th speech which Democrats keep easily leaving out,” Meadows said on Twitter. “Listen to the words of unity and patriotism.” “The Republicans replied to those grievances by House Manager and Rep. Madeleine Dean “The only time President Trump used the term pacifists or any nonviolence advice was during her address nearly 11,000 words — yes we reviewed — it was the only time. “President Trump was using the word fight 20 times, which include telling the crowd they created to fight like heck and save our democracy.”

Crying Fire

Raskin dismissed Trump lawyers’ Tuesday claims that the first amendment shielded Trump’s speech, invoking Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’s term, that fire can’t be yelled at wrongly in a packed theatre. Raskin said: “Something more like a situation where even the town fire chief who has been paid to put out fires incites a crowd, to just not yell fire in a packed theatre, but to obviously set the theatre on fire, but who also when the fire sirens go off … does nothing except sit back, inspire the masses to begin its violence and see the fire to spread on Television with delight and glee.” However, whether a police chief or a president is sacrificed, he cannot invoke the right to free speech. By the First Amendment, a private individual can show support to the U.S. enemies. But the US has been advocated and defended by a president. “As Justice Scalia once said, ‘You didn’t carry the cops, and you can’t hunt the robbers.'”

Is This Really America?

The Black Capitol Police Officer later tore down the flagrant bigotry and did his job defending the brute assaults of Trump Loyalists. “Over several straight hours, because as marauders kicked and punched and mauled as well as spit upon as well hit police with bats and fire extinguishers, threatened the police and invaded our capital, he protected us as well as he served every moment of his pledge of office,” said Raskin about the unidentified officer referenced in a report by the BuzzFeed newsagent. Then he collapsed in the rotunda, overcome by grief and crying for fifteen minutes. Then he told me, “With my friend, another black man, I sat down, and tears just began to tread down on me, then he said, ‘There’s one black guy I’ve been calling. And I asked, “Is this the USA?”