GamesCon 2021 has been long anticipated by gaming fans around the world for an update on what is to come in the world of video games, and I must admit that what is being worked on right now contains some very exciting content that will keep us entertained for a long time. There were many new announcements at the event so I will look at some of the most popular, but if you are wanting more information on the upcoming releases in the gaming world then I would highly recommend that you follow the relevant game producing accounts on social media as they are known for posting regular updates when exciting releases are coming out so you can stay informed.

GamesCon was a huge success after a year of uncertainty that placed many restrictions on what could be done both in holding events and producing games. This seriously hindered how many releases we have seen in the last few years and with the development of next-generation consoles we should have a huge amount of content to enjoy in the coming months.

Call of Duty Vanguard

One of the biggest FPS releases to come this year would have to be Call of Duty Vanguard, this release has been very highly anticipated for many years now so it will be very interesting to see further details on this game as they are released. What we do know is that the theme of the game is going to be set in the classic World War Two era meaning that all of the maps, add ons and weapons are going to fit the theme. Although this theme has been used before by other franchises, Activision is known for their high-quality graphics and the overall quality of their games in general so seeing a fresh take from a trusted company is something to be excited about.

Halo Infinite

Another popular game that is going to see a new release pretty soon is coming from the well-known science fiction franchise Halo, with the classic Halo games being so well known and enjoyed by many, we are expecting good things from this upcoming release. If you are not aware of the Halo games then the premise is pretty simple with the main story being set in futuristic worlds and distant planets, you play as a soldier in this era fighting against creepy aliens and other monsters making for an immersive and energetic gameplay experience.

Changes to GTA Five

Although Grand Theft Auto Five is not a new game to come onto the market there are a number of changes being made in order to accommodate the new consoles and the higher graphics and sound quality that is being implemented. These changes will take this classic and long-lasting game and develop it further to provide gamers with an experience that is more true to real life and even more immersive. Another change that is coming to the GTA franchise is the development of trusted mods to improve the changes you can make to your game, a legit website for PS4 GTA 5 modded accounts is something that has been missing for a long time so the fact that we are being given this freedom to alter our own games is a great thing.

Saints Row

Saints Row is another game that has been played for many years and over a few different consoles, with a new release on the way it is expected that the new Saints Row title will do very well as a classic within the industry. This GamesCon announcement was kept on the low side in terms of details but one thing which was revealed is that it will be an open world and much more personalized in terms of the gameplay experience.