Eloping has been a popular way to get married with some privacy for many years however, in 2021 it seems that many people are ditching the traditional big family wedding and going for smaller and more meaningful events with close friends and family. Eloping is a great option for those of you that don’t enjoy large spectacle weddings, at the end of the day your wedding day is about you committing yourself to your loved one and you shouldn’t feel pressure to do something that you are not one hundred percent behind.

There are many reasons that should be considered if you are thinking about eloping, but I would argue that if you are looking for something that is a bit more low key then eloping could be the choice for you. With many options for eloping being available you should be able to put together your perfect wedding day. You will find that there are much more options for eloping than a traditional wedding as you are not limited by your location.

  • Price

One reason why many people choose to elope rather than having a large-scale wedding would be that even though you could be required to pay for plane tickets and accommodation, the reality is that the overall expenses are likely to be far less than what you would pay for something more traditional. Traditional weddings are expected to cost over ten thousand pounds as there are usually so many guests and entertainment to pay for. If you were to have your wedding with a smaller group the price of your day would be significantly cheaper, and you may find that you enjoy the more personal experience also.

  • Setting

A big difference between eloping and having a more traditional wedding is the fact that you have more options in terms of where you can actually hold your big day. If you’re having hundreds of guests then it is harder to organize and you may be forced to go somewhere that is more local. Eloping may place restrictions on how many guests you can have but it opens up a whole range of opportunities of where you can have your wedding, meaning that for those of you who dream of having your big day on a gorgeous beach abroad somewhere, this dream is more likely to become a reality.

If you are looking for a destination or setting for your wedding you must first decide on what kind of wedding you would prefer to have. When eloping you should be aware that there are a lot more options where you could hold your wedding as you have the opportunity for more outdoor locations as the weather is more reliable. Beaches and outdoor bars are very popular, so if you are interested in a more natural and rustic appeal within your wedding this could be the route to go down.

  • Honeymoon

Another big factor that could contribute towards someone choosing to elope over a traditional wedding could be that they want to add the honeymoon to the event, this is much more convenient and allows you to spend more time in a gorgeous part of the world of your choosing. Adding your honeymoon to the wedding also allows you to share the experience with your family somewhat before spending some private time with your partner.

Finding the perfect wedding and honeymoon destination can be difficult as there are a number of different facilities that you will need, including a wedding venue for both your ceremony and reception event. With proper research you may find package deals designed for weddings that will also help you to save some money when buying multiple flights for your guests. If you are looking for a quality honeymoon destination then why not try somewhere exotic like the Maldives or maybe a more traditional Spanish location, when choosing I would look for somewhere meaningful or somewhere that you haven’t been before to really make your day that bit more special.

  • Eloping in the Maldives

The Maldives in particular is a very popular destination for honeymoons and eloping, due to the privacy of the beach location and the truly breathtaking surroundings, the beach huts are also very popular for a luxurious honeymoon right on the sea. If you are interested in finding a Maldives honeymoon package to help you save some of your budget and allow for some extra treats either within your honeymoon or wedding, then make sure to properly research for the best price and deal, remembering that there may be some discount available for large scale wedding bookings.

  • Privacy

A huge factor that contributes to the massive increase in how many people are eloping rather than choosing to hold a large traditional family wedding would be the privacy aspect. It has dropped significantly in popularity for people to hold big weddings with people focusing on having the few important loved ones in their life present on the big day. Large scale weddings are still very common but it has become a lot more accepted for people to be more private on their big day. As mentioned previously you should focus on doing what you want to do as it is your own wedding, too many people take into account the feelings of others when planning their big days which is best avoided as you don’t want to taint the overall memory.