From an incredibly young age, we are all taught about the expectations of marriage. Though marriage is nothing but a human construct, it has always felt as though it is something that we are all required to do at one point in our life.

It feels like a part of the plan. You are born, you get your education, you get a job and then you settle down with the love of your life in marital bliss. For some people, the idea of getting married is something that they dream about from a young age and many people do it several times in their lifetime.

There is no denying that marriage is absolutely beautiful. It is a chance for two people that are in love to declare their commitments to each other surrounded by all of their friends and loved ones. Due to just how magical the event is, it would be fair to assume that everybody wants to do it at one point in their life.

This, of course, is not the case and with every year that goes by, fewer and fewer people are getting married. One generation, in particular, is abandoning the expectation of marriage and the generation that I am referring to is the Millennials.

Millennials have earned a reputation for rejecting tradition. Millennials have a fresh take on all things social and political, so it is no wonder that their opinions towards marriage are not the same as the generations that have come before them.

Though I can understand why they would feel this way, I wanted a better understanding of why so many millennials are dead set on avoiding marriage altogether. Instead of stewing in my curiosity, I went straight to the source. Here are just some of the reasons why millennials are choosing not to get married.

Fear of Divorce

Something that you will always hear from someone that does not agree with marriage is that fifty percent of marriage ends in divorce. Though we would like to think that this number is an exaggeration, it is completely factual.

A lot of millennials argue that if their marriage is already doomed to fail, why should they go through with it? I can agree that this is a very good reason as to why you shouldn’t get married, but the statistics that they are basing their fears on are determined by a generation that is not them.

When we take into account the fifty percent divorce rate, this is based on the divorce rate of the people that married within an earlier generation. Marriage was different then and it was something that people often rushed into for religious reasons. However, with religion not being as prominent as it once was, the motives behind people getting married are no longer the same.

People now no longer feel as though they need to rush into a marriage in order to appease God and so the survival rates of relationships and marriages are much better than they once were. Though this is the case, we can understand why people would have this fear of their marriage failing and so it is understandable that they try to avoid it completely.

It is Expensive

There is absolutely no doubt that hosting a wedding day is very expensive. You can expect to blow a good few grand on one day and for some people, this simply is not feasible. I remember when I got married, I was lucky because I found a decently priced venue by using Weddilo. However, if you do not have the expendable income, then saving a bit of money on a venue really doesn’t matter.

Millennials lived through one of the biggest economic crises since the Great Depression and it is believed that many people have never truly recovered from the aftermath of this crisis. Millennials also have more student debt than any other generation, which only adds to the economic strain that they are under.

There is no wonder why so many of them simply are not in a position to be able to afford a big wedding day and instead of cutting corners completely, they would rather not have the day at all.