There is no denying that online shopping is starting to take over shopping in-store. These days, going shopping in person is reserved for a day out and takes a lot of effort. It doesn’t have the same convenience of being able to order an item from the comfort of your own home and so people do not tend to head out to the shops unless they want to make a day of it.

Though there is absolutely no denying that online shopping is far more convenient than in-store shopping, something that we have all been unable to agree on is whether or not you save more money when you shop online.

Many people claim that when you shop online, you compromise the deals that you may be able to find in store. However, others believe that you can actually save a lot of money by ditching the trolley and picking up your virtual cart. Here is our look into whether it is cheaper to shop online than it is to shop in-store.

You Are Sent Discounts

When you shop in person, it is very uncommon that you will get given discount codes, unless you are a member of some sort of in-store initiative. When it comes to discounts, you are usually limited to discount rails or sections of the store.

When you shop online, it feels as though the stores are eager to give you discounts. Something that a lot of online stores do is ask for your email details when you first enter the site. They then use this email to send you discounts throughout the year, with the hope that you will return to their online store to shop.

This is something that simply is not offered when you go in-store, which is why many people tend to think that online shopping is a lot better. The discounts that you are offered do not usually exceed the twenty-percent mark, but any difference at all will save you some much-needed cash.

It always feels as though when you do get these kinds of discounts to use in-store, there is always some sort of catch and limitations on the items that you can use the discount on, so you don’t feel like you are saving much money.


Coupons are used online and in store. Coupons have been used in store for some time now and you are probably familiar with the kind of people who make it their job to find these coupons and put them to use.

Stores purposefully make it quite difficult for you to be able to find and use coupons and there are usually clauses in place that stop you from going overboard with the coupon usage. This is because stores are very time-sensitive and if they were to allow for people to stock up on coupons, then the lines in the stores would be held up and other customers would not be happy with the service.

When you shop online, you do not have the same restraints as when you shop in person, as you working on your deals will not hold up an entire store. This means that online companies are more than happy for you to enjoy a few coupon deals, as long as you are buying things from their website.

There are also plenty of websites out there that are dedicated to giving you coupon codes for various sites, no matter where you are in the world. If you are in the UK, you can use a site like Wowcher to find sites and you can also find “Bücher Gutscheine” at this German coupon site if you are someone that needs discounts for German sites specifically, so there are essentially endless options for you.

A difference between couponing in person and couponing online is that you can never usually stack your coupons online. In-person there are usually loopholes that you can go through which will save you a lot of money. When you put in coupons online, you are putting them into a premade system, so there is no room to add your coupons up to make more savings.